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Qphoria Tanning Solutions for Everyone.

We have both stand up booths and laydown beds for all your tanning needs.

Qphoria Ergoline Avantgarde Tanning Bed

Ergoline Avantgarde

  • 15 Min. Max
  • 47 x 160 Watt Bulbs
  • 3 x 500 Watt Face Tanners
  • Shoulder Tanners
  • Ergonomically Designed Plexiglass
  • Central Airflow Cooling System
  • Deepest Darkest Tan in the Utmost of Comfort … Pure Luxury
Qphoria Ergoline Ambition Tanning Bed

Ergoline Ambition

  • 20 Min. Max
  • 32 x 120 Watt Bulbs
  • 3 x 400 Watt Face Tanners
  • A Great Combination of Super Powered UV Lamps and High Pressure Face Tanners Delivers a Rich and Beautiful Tan
  • Body Curve Plexiglass and Large Quiet Foot Fan Keeps Customers Cool & Comfortable
Qphoria Rejuvasun 332 Tanning Bed

Rejuvasun 332

  • Rejuvasun is a combination of tanning and a medical grade facial rejuvanation system that allows customers to body tan and rejuvenate the face at the same time.
  • Studies show 74% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and 84% improvement in skin smoothness and clarity.
Qphoria Ergoline Ambition Tanning Bed

Suncapsule 220

  • 11 Min. Max
  • 54 x 220 Watt Bulbs
  • Get the Perfect Tan with this Six Sided Unit
  • Extra Long Powerful Bulbs and a 22mph Breeze Fan Keeps You Pleasantly Cool
  • Great for Those Wanting the Darkest Results Possible in the Least Amount of Time
Qphoria Ergoline Ambition Tanning Bed

Sundash Radius 252

  • 12 Min. Max
  • 52 x 200 Watt Bulbs
  • Over 6.5 Feet of Tanning Power
  • Delivers a Beautiful, Even Tan for Even the Tallest of Customers
Qphoria Ergoline Ambition Tanning Bed

Suncapsule VHR

  • 12 Min. Max
  • 54 x 160 Watt Bulbs
  • The VHR Converts the 160 Watt into a Powerful 180 Watt Intensity
  • A Richer Darker Tan in About Half the Time it Takes in an Average Laydown
  • Perfect for the Time Crunched Customer


Tanning Lotions

Optimize your tanning sessions with our wide variety of indoor tanning lotions. Skin reflects up to 60% of UV rays. Specially formulated tanning lotions allow for more absorption, resulting in a deeper darker tan in less time!

Tanning Lotions

We carefully research and test our lotion selection to give you the best of the best, from just $18.00 and up. There is no reason to be tanning without a lotion!

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